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Masonry Repointing

Repointing is the process of renewing the pointing, which is the external part of mortar joints, in masonry construction. Over time, weathering and decay cause voids in the joints between masonry units, usually in bricks, allowing the undesirable entrance of water.

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Masonry Re-Pointing or “Tuck-Pointing” Solutions in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, masonry is found on nearly all homes and buildings to some extent. Masonry is often thought of as permanent and ever lasting, but over time will be subject to deterioration especially at the mortar joints. The method of repairing worn or damaged mortar joints is called repointing, and often referred to as tuck pointing.

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Our Masonry Repointing Services:

  • Re-Pointing
  • Tuck Pointing
  • Repointing Masonry
  • Lime Mortar

  • Mortar Repair
  • Repointing Brickwork
  • Brick Pointing
  • Masonry Restoration

  • Repointing Bricks
  • Chimney Repointing
  • Brick Repair
  • Brickwork Pointing

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We are a locally owned and operated business serving the greater Boston area. Our decades of experience has allowed us to become experts in all things masonry related. Our customers are an extension of our family, and it is our priority to go above and beyond for them. All services offered by our team are fully insured. We offer same day appointments and free estimates for those interested in our services.

What is the Repointing or Tuck Pointing Process?

Tuck pointing is used to enhance the appearance of masonry. It’s done by grinding out the mortar joints with a grinder or chiseling them out with a hammer and chisel. The mortar joints are then filled with the appropriate mortar. Tuck pointing can be applied to any type of brick construction, however it’s most commonly found on historical brick homes. The reason behind this is the owner wants to recapture the appearance of the home’s original thin joints.

Repointing brickwork is a job that needs skill in order to be performed correctly or it will not look very appealing. One of the main things about brickwork repairs is being able to properly perform the task without causing more damage than what has already occurred to the structure. A lot of the time repointing is all that is needed on your chimney or masonry structure to restore its appearance and maintain its structural integrity.

Masonry Solutions Massachusetts takes all necessary precautions when performing repointing services on you property. It is irresponsible to grind out mortar joints without controlling the dust. In populated areas we never use a grinder without dust extraction, letting the dust fly wherever it may. At Masonry Solutions Massachusetts we use specialty grinders that maintain a 95% dust free cutting the mortar joints.

Is Tuck Pointing a DIY project?

While it is possible to handle tuck pointing as a do-it-yourself project, it is in your best interest to leave it to professionals like Masonry Solutions Massachusetts. Tuck pointing is extremely labor-intensive and and requires precision to produce the illusion of level mortar joints. If the fillets that are used to create the joint effect are slightly off, the project will look sloppy and will be a failure.

Mortar Lingo

To better understand the repointing and tuck pointing process, it is important to understand the terminology and the following masonry terms.


This is the process of filling mortar joints during new construction. It can also refer to the actual mortar joints, or the gaps between the bricks in a finished wall.


This is the process of replacing old mortar from joints with new mortar.

Tuck Pointing:

This process involves removing old mortar from joints, replacing with new mortar that closely matches the brick color, and adding narrow lines of putty in a contrasting color (referred to as “fillets”) down the center of the newly added mortar joints.

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